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You are unsatisfied with your sex life? You want to last longer in bed?

You are not alone… and you’re totally normal.

The normal physical response for a man is to ejaculate in less than 3 minutes after penetrating the vagina[1], while on average, it takes women 10-20 minutes to reach orgasm during intercourse[2].

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • What science knows about PE
  • Physiological and psychological causes of PE
  • What woman really think of PE
    (We’ve conducted our own survey on 500 girls just to know what they think about PE)
  • How to manage the situation when you’re with a girl and you come too quick
    (There are some way to turn the negative into something positive)
  • The best way to talk about your situation with your wife or your girlfriend

We’ll show you the principal techniques that you can find on internet along with real success AND failure stories :
(Yeah, because like I said, there is no magic method, you’ll have to find the one that work best for you)

  • Sexual re-education techniques
    (The best ways to (re-)learn how to manage your arousal with exercises to do alone or with your partner)
  • The Masters and Johnson Squeeze and Stop-and-GO
    (Two of the oldest approach)
  • Kegel exercises
    (How the control of your pelvic muscle can give you control of your ejaculation)
  • Sexocorporal Approach
    (How your breathing and body movements can help you control your ejaculation)
  • Cream, condoms, cockring, do they work?
    (Not all items found in a sex shop really work, but learn how some can help you in your re-education)
  • Drugs and pills, does it worth it?
    (We’ve interviewed doctors about the use of prescription drug in PE treatment and the risk of side effects)
  • Sexologist, how can they help you.
    (Even if you prefer to address the problem on your own (and it’s entirely possible), a good sexologist can help you a lot in your re-education, so I give you some tips on how to choose the right sexologist for you)
40$ price tag for the premature ejaculation book

Premature Ejaculation book cover


(Take advantage of the 40$ launch offer)

Let get this straight: learning how to control your ejaculation is not easy, but it’s totally possible. I’ve interviewed hundreds of man who overcame Premature Ejaculation (PE). The thing is, there is no magical recipe, but there is plenty of reliable techniques that you can use. This book includes the most effective.

Who am I ?

My name is Philippe, I’m from Montreal, Canada. It took me 11 years to overcome my premature ejaculation problem. If you are suffering from premature ejaculation, I know how you feel. During the last 11 years, I’ve gathered all the information and tried all the techniques that I can find on internet and in some books. Some helped me (every minutes I gained was a big win), other were useless. As time went, the more I felt comfortable talking about my problem. I realized that I wasn’t alone (most men, even those without PE wish to last longer in bed). The simple fact of being comfortable at talking about it (to friends as to girls I was sleeping with) helped me a lot. It is talking to other men suffering from premature ejaculation that gave me the idea of writing this book. Some of them completely overcame their problem and fully control their ejaculation now, other still suffer from a lack of stamina, but still improved their condition with some techniques. I’ve realized that some techniques that didn’t work out for me worked for other, and some that have worked for me didn’t work on others. So I decided to interview men, women, sexologist, on the subject and to consolidate all the information and techniques in one book. It is the book that I’ve liked to read 11 years ago when I was at my first sexual experiences and felt ashamed of my condition.


I’m not suffering from PE but I would like to last longer, is this book still for me?

Yes. Premature Ejaculation is only a label, but like every label it doesn’t mean a lot. After all, it’s not a game of minutes. If you last 10 minutes in bed, you’re way over men average, but if you are not satisfied with that, then some of the techniques described in the book will help you. The goal is to come whenever you want.

How can I be sure that it’ll work?

The first goal of the book it’s to help you understand your condition and to play it down. Sure the end goal is help you control your ejaculation by teaching you some techniques, but no book or video can guarantee you a total control on your ejaculation. I can guarantee one thing though, a better understanding of your situation is the first step to success and if at the end of my book you’re stamina hasn’t improved with what you’ve learned, email me at philippe@premature-ejaculation-book.com and I’ll refund the price of the book.

How long does it take to gain control of my ejaculation?

It varies from one person to another. Some will be able to gain control within weeks, other months and for some it will be years. It took me more than 10 years for me, but if I had known all that is in this book, it would have been much faster.


I’ve just finished your book and it’s a good read. The exercises are clear, simple and effective. After just a couple of week, I’ve already improve my stamina

– N.H., 31-year-old – Syracuse, NY.

Hi Philippe, thank you for your book! I really liked the chapter on apprehension. It’s good to know what girl really think of premature ejaculation and how to managed girl expectation when we start a new relationship. I’ve try your trick for the first night with my (now) new girlfriend and for the first time of my life, I am now able to openly talk about my problem with my girlfriend. She’s glad to be able to help me with my exercises during my re-education.

– Mathieu C, 22-year-old – Montréal, QC.

It’s good to have so many tricks in one place. Instead of trying 10 different method books, I have all in one place.

– Maxim, 42-year-old – Switzerland

40$ price tag for the premature ejaculation book

Premature Ejaculation book cover


(Take advantage of the 40$ launch offer)